We are facing huge long-term problems: a real unemployment rate of 18%, dysfunctional banks that are "too big to fail", a regressive tax structure that's stifling economic growth, prisons that are bursting at the seams, urban schools that are struggling, a health care system that still needs major reform, the lack of a coherent national energy policy that will protect our economy and the environment, and a government that has been encroaching on our civil liberties. For decades we have lived with irresponsible public policies from career politicians in Congress who care more about increasing their party’s power and getting re-elected than they care about solving long-term problems. They haven’t been honest with us, and they have been lousy public servants.

I’m different. I do not want to be a career politician. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I’m a Problem Solver. I want to force members of Congress to be responsible, and implement sustainable solutions to real problems. Please read the positions I present on this website, and spread the word to friends and family.

Please email me at John@Mertens2010.com, and become a supporter on Twitter at @mertens4senate or Facebook: John's FB

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Congress has made another huge mistake:

"The Senate Tuesday rejected a plan backed by President Obama to create a bipartisan task force to tackle the federal deficit this year despite glaring new figures showing the enormity of the red-ink threat."
" 'Yet another indication that Congress is more concerned with the next election than the next generation,' said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., a sponsor of the plan."

I (John Mertens) would have strongly supported the formation of this task force. And this comes on top of a recent budget passed by Congress that increased spending for almost all agencies by 10%! Most companies and non-profits that I know of have frozen spending (if not cut it). Congress should have done the same.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

John Mertens' Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

I agree with President Obama's statements about the recent Supreme Court decision that lifted limits on corporate and union spending on political ads:
We need to work to 1) pass legislation that can reduce the impact of the ruling, 2) change the balance of the court when the opportunity presents itself, and 3) ultimately pass a constitutional amendment that fundamentally changes the relationship between money, free speech, and politics.

In addition, and probably more importantly, I support sponsoring legislation that ends the treatment of corporations as persons. Read this letter by Ralph Nader:
I agree with this view. Here's an excerpt I would like you to read:
"The lesson that emerges from our 100-year-plus experience in treating corporations as persons for constitutional purposes is this: If corporations -- all of which are chartered by the government -- are given the same rights as human beings, human beings will not have the same effective rights as corporations. This is not only because of the massive financial and technological resources available to corporations, but the unique powers, privileges and immunities that are inherent in the transnational corporate form or accrete to it over time, and which allow corporations to overwhelm real persons' rights."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tax Loophole for Hedge Funds Costs $6 Billion

This is completely unacceptable, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have done anything about it. If I were in the U.S. Senate, I would fight hard to close this loophole.

Hedge fund managers pay a much lower income tax rate than their secretaries. It's disgraceful. And it's because they donate millions of dollars to the campaigns of the incumbent politicians:
Democrats pledged during the 2006 congressional campaign that they would close this loophole (created by a Republican congress) if they became the majority party. They did become the majority party, it's 2010, and they haven't closed it.

We need independent people in congress who will do the right thing!

Nice Article on CTNewsJunkie.com


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please Donate to the Rescue Efforts in Haiti

CNN has done a good job of vetting aid organizations here:

John Mertens is First U.S. Senate Candidate to Earn 2010 Ballot Line

John Mertens became the first candidate in the country to earn a 2010 ballot line for U.S. Senate at the Connecticut for Lieberman Party statewide caucus on January 13, 2010, in Hartford, Connecticut.

Mertens earned the U.S. Senate nomination with 52 votes. Peter R. Anderson of Bozrah, Connecticut received 2 votes.

Mertens is a West Hartford resident and a Professor of Engineering at Trinity College. He is also seeking the nominations of the Independent Party, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party.

Monday, January 11, 2010

John Mertens' TV show addresses Health Care

Dr. Mertens' TV show "John Mertens for U.S. Senate" is now running in over 150 towns in Connecticut, on average more than four times a month. By the end of January it will be running in all 169 towns.

The most recent show is on HEALTH CARE. You can also view it on youtube:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Previous shows can also be viewed on youtube by searching for "John Mertens"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

John Mertens welcomes Richard Blumenthal into the race

Dr. Mertens welcomes Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal into the U.S. Senate race. "I'm looking forward to debating Mr. Blumenthal and all the candidates on a wide range of issues. I hope we will have many opportunities to talk about solutions to long term problems."

Photo is from the Hartford Courant's photogallery of U.S. Senate candidates:

Please support our efforts! We will gladly take any amount. You can donate here, or send a check made out to "John Mertens for U.S. Senate" to the address below. The maximum contribution per individual is $2,400. For donations of more than $50, federal law requires that you provide your name and address. For contributions above $200, you must also provide your profession and employer name. Thank you!

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